Learning Life

A lot of the things I have learned about learning up to this point in my life can’t be broken down to a certain moment, most of the things I have learned have been over a span of months or even years. My life and learning style has been shaped by family members, friends, educators, classmates, employers, coworkers, and everyone around me. It has also been shaped by being active in school, clubs, organizations, athletics, and jobs.


Life is a series of constant changes, which is why one of the most important things I have learned is to never stop learning.  New things are being discovered every day, some of these discoveries can even be life changing.  Whether you are learning from documentaries, scientific studies, or even little things like conversations with new people you are constantly gaining more knowledge of the world around you.  How boring would life be if we simply stopped learning? The things we learn from day to day shape who we are and if we do not open our minds to continuous learning we won’t be as successful in today’s society.  Because of this I strive to be an open-minded learner.


As I mentioned earlier life is a series of constant changes and without the right people in your life these changes and struggles of life can be overwhelming.  It is important to have people in your life that make your days better.  Whether that person is your mom, sister, brother, or best friend having someone you can talk to makes the harder days doable and the good days even better.  Having people I can talk to help me as a learner because whenever I am struggling or can not find an answer someone is always there to help me.


Along with surrounding yourself with good people another I learned about life is having an activity or a hobby that helps you clear your mind is pretty much a necessity.  Some examples are running or reading, I personally enjoy hikes and nature walks.  Being in a peaceful quiet area is my go to! Taking time for myself at least a few times a week really helps me when school, work, or personal problems are stressing me out. I learn best when I can take a break and regroup my thoughts.


Goals, goals goals! Setting goals, big or small, helps you simplify and really pinpoint what you want to work for.  Whether you want to work out 3 times a week, get all A’s in a semester, or backpack Europe setting goals helps determine the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.  Don’t be afraid to celebrate reaching a goal either! Allow yourself a moment or two to acknowledge your accomplishments and look back at how far you have come since setting the goals! As a learner goals help me focus on what to study and where I need to improve.


The most important thing I have learned from life is to enjoy it! You can take all of the precautions in the world and bad things can still happen to you.  This summer I had a skin spot come back as cancerous, I’m 21 and now have a four-inch-long reminder on my chest and shoulder that life is short and to take advantage of every moment you get.  I always used sunscreen, worked out regularly, and have always been a “good kid” and I still got dealt a bad hand, that’s just the way life goes.  It’s important to not get worked up over little things or pay too much attention to problems outside of your control and to just enjoy life as it comes.  Enjoy life while you can!


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