Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is knowledge and skills with technology and digital devices.  Digital fluency is being able to take the knowledge and skills and integrate them into everyday life.  I feel pretty confident about the basic digital programs such as Microsoft Office, social media websites like Twitter, and navigating digital devices.  The main thing I would like to learn through the course of the the semester is how to incorporate the use of digital devices and technological skills into life as a teacher.

Digital literacy is becoming a very important part of society, especially in the education world.  With technology becoming easily available and more and more websites being creative it is important as teachers we know how to use the technology in our classroom and how to teach our students how to use the technology.  With well over half of the population using technology and social media sites it is becoming a more common way to keep in touch with students and their families outside of school.  Technology such as blogs could be used to keep parents updated on what is going on in the classroom from day to day.  Websites such as twitter can help students learn the technology as well as keeping them interested and involved in the classroom.  Like this class using daily tweets to represent what they have going on or having social media assignments helps connect the academic world with the technological world.

In order to become effective as digital learners I believe the biggest challenge is going to be learning to adapt.  Technology is such a rapidly changing field and to be effective digital learners and leaders we must be able to adapt with it.  Digital literacy and Computer applications classes are always going to be relevant because it seems every week there is a new invention or method or upgrade to the digital devices and systems that we use.  If we want to be leaders in a digital society we must stay on top of the new technology to be able to share our knowledge as teachers.  This means we must constantly be taking initiative and being open minded to learning the more advanced technological systems that are being produced all the time.

Digital literacy is extremely important in today’s society with a large portion of our population being very active in the digital world.  This includes everything from typing papers on Microsoft Word and on our individual laptops to listening to music on our smartphones and everything in between. Technology in the Classroom is a website I found very interesting because it incorporated digital literacy into the classroom.


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