Inspire Action

Everything you do should come back to the question “why.” Why do you want to be a teacher? Why do you want to get a good grade on that test? Why do you want to create a fun activity for your students? I watched a TEDTalk by Simon Sinek called How Great Leaders Inspire Action and the point that really resonates with me is everything you do you so it because you have a purpose, reason, or passion for doing it.   This video made me think long and hard about why I am doing what I am.  Why am I going to be a teacher? What made me choose this over a nurse or a writer? It boiled down to one thing, I have a passion for helping others and want to inspire kids getting ready to enter the world to do what I am doing, following my passion.

By going into education and planning to become a teacher I am entering one of the most responsible professions.  I could be doing this for all sorts of reasons, some bad and some good.  If I said I wanted to be a teacher for summers off, weekends off, and holidays off I can’t imagine I would be getting a very good response from students, parents, or coworkers. I could easily show up for my 8am-4pm hours, put in not extra effort, and go about my daily life, but who am I helping then? Nobody.

I love spending time in the classroom, I love watching a student’s face when they finally understand something they have been struggling with. I love having a fun environment in the classroom making a connection with students, but what I love most about my future profession is having a student feel comfortable with you.  I love with a student really connects with you and feels comfortable sharing their passion with you.  Although I am not a teacher yet I have been in teaching/coaching positions at a high school and I have watched my parents connect with students as I grew up. In this TEDTalk  Sinek talked about sharing your reason why and finding people who believe the same way as you.  As a future teacher I hope students understand my intentions as a teacher and I can inspire them to do the same. This goes for anything, not just teaching, if you aren’t doing something for the right reasons then why are you doing it at all?

How Great Leaders Inspire Action


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