Happy Me

I was really struggling with what to do for an independent study project.  The phrase “if you could learn anything what would you learn?” really stuck out to me. If I could learn anything I choose then I choose to learn about myself.  What makes me happy, what upsets me, my personality, what I enjoy doing in my free time and what I would rather not do.  They say college is the time to find yourself and I believe this project will help me do just that.  Instead of devoting myself to learning one specific skill I want to commit the remainder of this class to learning about myself and all different aspects of my life.

My main goal in life is to be happy and I intend to learn skills that will help me do that.  I have a few ideas of different projects I will try or skills I will learn throughout my time, but I do not want to have anything set in stone in case I don’t like one of my ideas and chose to spend my time on another project. Some ideas I have for the next few weeks is reading books, hiking and spending time in nature, maybe learning a new language, traveling or taking road trips, and including more organization in my life.

This independent learning project really hit home with me this last week.  August was a crazy emotional month and I went into September with high hopes for a better, less stressful month.  Sadly, that was not the case.  Someone that I love very much was not happy in her life and attempted an overdose.  It became really apparent just how short life could be and how important it was to be happy and to help others be happy as well.



  1. Happiness is one of the greatest blessings in life but sadly it can be hard to find for some, including myself sometimes. I love that your project allows you freedom to try different things, fit things into different time slots, and stay out of the same old routine. I look forward to seeing how your project goes.


  2. Being happy is such a hard thing to consider when a person is not in a good place. I have friends who struggle with happiness and I hope to do a similar learning project about learning how to be happy and teaching happiness, because it could save a life to pass on just one happy thought. Happiness is like any emotional seed, plant it and it will grow.


  3. The TED talk I just viewed was on the “Science of Happiness” and it might have some good tips for your project. One of its main points was to chose a certain plan and then we will naturally become happier because was aren’t stress out by myriad choice.


  4. I love your idea for your learning project! Life is definitely too short to not enjoy it – why not find happiness and joy throughout everyday things!? I think it’s so cool that you want to search for more joy in your life, and I am excited to see what you discover! Thanks for sharing!


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