To start my independent learning on happiness I decided to take a personality test.  I took a free personality test on a website called 16personalities.  My results came out ENFP; extrovert, intuitive, feeling, and perception.  The thing that initially grabbed my attention after the test was that it proves how someone can change over time.  A few years ago I took a similar test and my results were ESFJ, extrovert, sensing, feeling, judging.  Even though I do not feel like I have changed all that much experiences I have had and new knowledge have changed me, as humans we really are constantly growing and changing.

A little explanation about ENFP is that it is called the “campaigner.” Summing up my personality description in three words are independent, energetic, and compassionate.  All things that prove very important in my happiness as an individual and in my future career.  I am a very independent person.  I like knowing that I am capable of accomplishing daunting tasks by myself, I also enjoy looking at a challenge and knowing that I can move forward and come up with a solution.  Independence is something I think is extremely important in a classroom since I will be responsible for the safety and knowledge of a classroom full of students.  It is also important to be energetic, bringing excitement to the classroom and to others in your personal life helps inspire others.  But of the three words compassionate is what I feel is the most important.  A large majority of my happiness stems from caring about others, whether they are family, friends, or students.  I have a great sense of pride knowing that I am sympathetic and loving toward others and having other individuals feel comfortable and loved by me.  Not only does this help me in my personal life, but it helps me excel in my life as a student and future educator.

I think this personality test was a great step in my independent learning to find what makes me happy.  Some people may not feel the same, but I enjoy looking at some of my personality traits and seeing how they affect my life, both personally and professionally.  Even if you do not feel like these are accurate or affect your life they are still fun! If this is something you’re interested I took my personality test at 16personalities.com



  1. I really enjoyed reading this and found it interesting how our personalities can change over time. I can definitely tell that I don’t have the same personality that I did while in high school (14 years ago). I was much more extroverted and social then and today I find myself to be much more of an introvert. But I’ve also spent years being a stay at home mom so I am sure that has a lot to do with it. Thanks for the insight!


  2. Taking a personality quiz is a great start to your progress to happiness. Identifying key aspects to who you are can definitely help you find which strategies will benefit you the best. I definitely recommend looking at maybe writing a list of things that make you happy or places that you want to go. These make me happy when I write them down in a journal. Good job!


  3. I love your project idea. I think it’s a super fun way to start your journey into education. I also love the way you began your research. Most people probably would have headed straight for some articles discussing happiness and how to achieve it. Let’s face it, those articles are rough and it’s so hard to draw conclusive research from them because I’m not happy the same way you are happy. My definition is different from yours even if it’s only a slight difference. I think the way you started was great and very unique. Thanks for sharing your personality and thoughts with us Sydnie!


  4. We are doing a very similar learning project! I am on the hunt for how to be happy, and more importantly how to teach happiness. I think knowing what type of personality you have is a great start! I think being independent is an important factor of being happy because you are not always going to be around people and you can’t let solitude affect your mood, sometimes we need to embrace the loneliness.


  5. I get so excited about MBTI personalities; they’re so cool! I’m an INFP, but maybe four or so years ago I used to be an INFJ, so I liked your point that our personalities can shift over time! Makes one feel a little less static sometimes.

    I never really though about utilizing MBTI for learning how best to sustain happiness within oneself, but it makes total sense! We each have our own ways of keeping ourselves happy.


    1. I feel like taking the test helped remind me of things I already knew about myself, sounds cheesy but sometimes you lose sight of who you really are! I don’t think you can really be happy without remembering who you are!


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