Holy Organization

Another part of my project that I wanted to do before I fully got started in my independent learning project was to organize at least most aspects of my life and boy is it a good feeling.  The beginning of a new school year comes with a lot of stress, especially if you add work, and moving into the mix.  My life was filled with clutter and frankly was an unorganized mess.  I spent well over 2 hours between Monday and Tuesday attempting to get a lot of my things organized.

The first part of my organization was going through things in my room.  I share a house with two other people and I believe they were started to get annoyed with all of my things dragged out around the house.  Not only was I taking up my room and a large portion of our kitchen table, but I was also starting to put things in the spare bedroom.  I started with my clothing (sometimes I think I have an addiction) I got rid of what I don’t wear, decided what I wanted to sell and what I wanted to just throw away.  Then I moved to old towels, sheets, shoes, and jewelry that swore “I’ll use someday.” By the end of the day I had over three bags of trash from around the house and another bag of things to give away or sell.

After I did a little “fall cleaning” I wanted to get other aspects of my life organized such as homework, appointments, bills, and work schedules.  I went and bought a wall calendar, a planner, and a white board.  I wrote all of the bills and due dates on the white board and divided them between the three roommates, collected the money and paid the bills.  A relief knowing that was all done.  Next I went through my work schedule and appointments and put them all on my wall calendar and hung it next to my bedroom door.  Now every time I leave I can check my schedule for the week.  Finally, I put all of my homework assignments, class schedule, and due dates.

Growing up whenever my mom or grandma would tell me organization helps life go smoother naturally I would roll my eyes, shake my head, and carry on about my day, but I was definitely wrong.  Removing the clutter and getting everything sorted and written down was a huge relief. So far it as been a huge weight off of my back will help me move forward in a less stressful, happy life!



  1. This is awesome! I am a very organized person as well. I agree with you when you say it makes lie a lot easier because it does! I always just feel so much better when my room is organized or my apartment is clean. I don’t think people realize how much time organization can save us. Instead of taking 15 minutes to find something in a cluttered room it takes me a few seconds. Little time like this can really add up during the day.


  2. I love the feeling after getting everthing organized, it feels as if I have so much less to do. I found that if I plan out my week I don’t get overly stressed because I know exactly how much work I need to do and when is the best time to do. Sounds like you had a productive week so far, hope the rest is just as good!


  3. Good for you! Isnt’ it crazy that things look so much worse for a while if you are organizing, but then it looks so much better in the end. I always worry someone will drop by when I’m still in the sorting pile stages. I just pretend I’m not at home if it is too bad, or meet them outside and not let them come in.


  4. I love this! One of my goals for this semester is to be more organized and, I have to agree with you, it feels wonderful so far! I definitely have a ways to go, but your blog post gave me some ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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