Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good

For my independent learning project, I chose to learn about myself and ways to be a happier me.  One boundary I put on myself was that I would only choose things that other people could follow.  I wouldn’t jump on a plane and travel for 2 weeks, as much as I’d like to, because that’s not something everyone could do. I wanted my project to be little things that people felt comfortable doing to help change their day to day life.

I’ve been working in clothing stores for about the last three years and one thing an old boss said to me was, “even if you aren’t feeling the best get up and get dressed.  If you look better, you will feel better.” I’m not going to lie, this is a concept I have struggled with especially with early classes.  I decided to look back and compare days where I got dressed and days where I stayed in sweatpants all day.  I then moved forward with a little experiment in dressing nicely for the week and I have to say I completely agree with the saying.  It made a difference in my daily attitude and overall productivity.

On days where I would get up and get ready (shower, get dressed, makeup, etc.) right away I was way more productive. I would get to class earlier, get more homework done, and was often just in a better mood.  On days where I maybe wasn’t feeling as good or had little motivation and I would get out of bed, throw some sweats on and go about my day I wasn’t as productive and didn’t feel as good about myself.  When you feel good about your appearance that reflects into your attitude.  You have more self confidence and feel capable of completing any task in front of you. When you feel good about how you look you are motivating yourself to be the best version of you.  Being confident leaves little room for doubt. to your personal happiness.  Your happiness can not be based on anyone’s opinion but your own, so put on your favorite outfit and have an awesome day!



  1. I can completely relate to this. For me it is extremely hard to get up and going especially if I get all dressed up instead of throwing on yoga pants and a sweatshirt. However I will agree that the day goes much smoother and more productive if I do actually look nice. Great post!!


  2. This is a really interesting concept! I am definitely guilty of wearing comfy clothes about 99% of the time so I am often lazy throughout the day because I am already in my clothes to lay in bed and take a nap. Maybe I will try dressing up next week and see how it changes my productivity. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Of course there are exceptions, but I found that when I’m dressed up I’m more likely to spend the extra time on homework instead of jumping right back into bed for a nap! It helps me get more done!


  3. I read this blog a few years ago about moms being in a slump (I know it doesn’t apply to everyone but same concept). It asked have you showered, got dressed, done your hair/makeup? It implies the same concept that you did- that taking care of yourself physically makes you feel better all around. Great post!

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    1. I really believe this is a true concept, one I would preach to everybody. When you get dressed in the morning and say you love your outfit you are typically more confident. When you’re more confident you do better and get more done! I think it is a great idea for everyone from college students to moms!


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