Digital Storytelling

DS106 is digital storytelling.  This means you are using the digital world to showcase some aspect of your life.  This class is free and open to anybody.  The part that I really liked about DS106 was that you can join and leave when you pleased.  You could participate when it was convenient for you, but you do not get penalized for missing an assignment or for putting your own spin on something.  Actually putting your own spin or adding your personality to an assignment is encouraged and expected! It makes every assignment more exciting because everybody’s project is different!


Digital storytelling is a great way to spend some time every day learning a new skill or getting better at a skill.  The best part is the daily challenges hardly take any time at all.  They are simple challenges that you can do in 20 minutes or less.  This makes it super easy to fit into your busy day.  Digital storytelling is a hands on experience that helps you develop your technological skills.  One of the things about DS106 that I think is so innovative is that it is self led.  They give you ideas and challenges, but you choose which assignments to do and how you want to do them.


I think digital storytelling is a great classroom tool.  It allows you to combine literacy and practical knowledge with today’s technology.  I think it will create a lot of interest and excitement from the students knowing they get to learn how to make a gif or edit a picture.  These are skills they can take into their daily life, something they can really connect with and will actually use. Not only are the assignments exciting for students, but they also teach the students new skills.


I look forward to incorporating DS106 into my classroom.  With business, marketing, and information technology being my area of specialization I think this is a great tool for computer application classes.  It is a great way to implement instruction of different software and websites with assignments the students will actually enjoy!



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