The Best Cure

They say the best cure for anything is a long laugh and a good night’s sleep! I completely agree with that statement.  I don’t know about you, but personally when I get a good night sleep or spend time with people I truly care about I am way happier.


There isn’t a whole lot of advice to give on the “long laugh” side of saying.  Really the only true piece of advice I can give is be with people who make you happy.  People who support and love you, whether that is family, a boyfriend, a friend, or a neighbor.  When you are with people who make you happy the long laughs come naturally.  Inside jokes, funny movies, comical stories or anything shared between you and that someone that bring a smile to your face can instantly uplift your mood.


A good night’s sleep is something a lot of us college students do not get enough of so I’m challenging whoever reads this to try and get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep every night for the next week.  I’m also going to share some tips that have personally helped me sleep better in the last week that made a huge impact on my daily life.  First, put the phone and computer away! It is so much easier to wind down from the day when you aren’t constantly checking your social media accounts or stressing about what you have going on the next day! Second, hide your alarm clock! I read a long time ago that when you wake up in the middle of the night and check the time your mind starts racing and thinking about all of the the day ahead instead of relaxing and falling back asleep. Third, keep your room at a comfortable temperature.  If you are sweating and having heat flashes or can’t feel your fingers because you’re so cold, you aren’t going to sleep good.  Those are all simple things that can improve your sleep habits.


Another problem people have is not being able to fall asleep. When I know I need to go to sleep, but I’m simple not tired there are some two things I do.  First I take a hot shower or bath. If the hot shower or bath doesn’t help right away I put on ocean sounds to help me relax.  Its a great method for relaxing your mind and getting ready for sleep.  Almost everyone I know has a Pandora account, I use the station Ocean Waves for Deep Sleep.  Its all calm sounds that drown out the world outside your bed and help you get a good rest!


The reason I thought this was very relevant in my road to happiness independent learning is because I truly feel that these two things can really impact your mood.  Let’s be honest, the science behind it is simple.  When you’re rested or with people who make you laugh you’re in a better mood.  When something that simple can put you in a better state of mind you’re going to be happier in your day to day life.



  1. I have a terrible time falling to sleep and staying asleep, it seems to get worse with every year just because I do feel busier. These tips are fantastic, I’m going to have to look into trying some! Great post Thanks for sharing!


  2. This post brought a smile to my face because it got me thinking about the things I love; my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my bed, sleep, more sleep. I know I don’t get 8 hours of sleep each night, and part of the reason is after school I go to work, bar tending, get home around midnight, then wake up at six to get ready for 8 a.m. classes, then the cycle begins again until Sunday when I feel I really get enough sleep. I’m just complaining now, I apologize. Thank you for sharing all the tips on how to fall asleep fast! When I get home from work I find it hard to fall right asleep so I will be using some of the ideas you mentioned above to help me get the most sleep I can!


  3. I have found that the best thing for me is to schedule myself 8 hours of sleep every night at the same time. Getting in a routine of going to sleep every night at the same time is very beneficial. Also, do not take naps. If I take a nap I am pretty sure I am not sleeping tonight.


  4. I totally agree with all of this! I notice such a difference in my mood and productivity when I get enough sleep. I also think it is really important to spend quality time with people who really care about you. My roommates and I have a movie night every week (sometimes a few times a week) just so we are able to relax and have some fun! Even this little bit of time can put me in such a better mood or change my mindset to something way more positive.


  5. A good night’s sleep makes me so much happier and energetic throughout the day. Thanks for some good tips and advice on how to get more sleep! I also like what you said about being around people you enjoy being around – I think a long laugh is just good for the soul! 🙂


  6. Terrific advice here! I especially love your sleep advice, because sleep is a struggle area for me. I definitely notice a huge difference if I stay off my devices and computer after 7:30 or so. It also helps if I make a to do list before falling asleep: that way, all the things I have to do aren’t swirling around my head!


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