Google Yourself!

Googling yourself is always interesting! You get to see what an outside person would see of you! I think it is a great reflection of ourselves.  We can see what is being shown to the world about us. Some of the stuff we may not like and its a good opportunity to go through our social media pages and reevaluate what we are posting.

Being wary of what I post online has always been something my family instilled in me.  I have always made sure anything that goes online is appropriate and stuff I would not be embarrassed of.  This makes googling myself rather uneventful.  A few Facebook pictures popped up.  Some of just me some have a few friends in them.  Links to my Twitter accounts also showed up as well as Facebook, Vine, and WordPress.  A few years ago I had an assignment similar to this.  When I googled myself then it was mostly articles about family members (both of my parents are coaches and would often have articles in the newspaper).  It is interesting to see how things changed over the last few years.  Now the main thing that pops up are links to my different WordPress blogs.  Future employers or anyone looking at me on Google would mainly see my different blogs, if they looked more into my Twitter or Facebook accounts they would mostly see articles related to education and teaching strategies.  Being sure to only post things that represent who you are in a positive way is something I have always felt strongly about.

The thing that really stuck out to me about this assignment was just how much about what you do or say on the internet is out there for everyone to see. When I was looking through the pictures that came up under my name I was surprised to see different things I had “pinned” on Pinterest.  Some pictures from at least 3 years ago.  When people say what’s on the internet is there forever they aren’t joking!



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