Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is something that is extremely important in today’s society.  Since there is such a high use of technology at home and in the classroom being responsible and ethical with the technology is critical.  Since I plan to be a Business Marketing and Information Technology teacher I will be using the internet a lot.  Giving lessons in Digital Citizenship is going to be one of the first things I do in my classroom.

In the “What is Digital Citizenship” video they briefly discuss an activity where students look at different people and their profiles and resumes to determine whether they would be a good person to hire for the class.  I think this is a great way for students to get an idea that anything you say or do on the internet sticks with you and can affect your future from everything from school to future jobs.  I also really liked that Chart It assignment because it gets students thinking about situations and what they are posting.  Students are given different scenarios and have to determine levels of harm and intentionality. This is a good activity to get students moving and thinking about their actions.  In the future students can also think back to this activity and be wary of what they say or post.

One of my favorite Digital Citizenship lessons actually came from a friend who was using THINK as her platform in the Miss Nebraska pageants.  THINK is a great acronym that helps individuals decide whether or not something should be posted understanding that it can hurt themselves and others.  “Before you post, THINK.” It is a simple statement that allows individuals to reflect on what they are saying, if they go to post something that doesn’t fit even one of these scenarios then it should not be posted online.


What is Digital Citizenship?




  1. I have heard of the acronym THINK before, but never truly realized what each letter stood for. This is definitely something good to teach to students and peers to help them to use the internet ethically.


  2. I really like the THINK acronym too. Of course, “is it necessary?” means 99% of what’s posted shouldn’t be! But if we all stopped to think, “is it kind?” before posting, the world would truly be a better place.


  3. I think you did a good job of describing digital citizenship! I also really like your THINK acronym – that would make a great sign or poster in a classroom! It’s a process that everyone with social media should think about before posting and commenting, haha. Thanks for sharing!


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