There are a lot of lessons this class on Digital Literacy has taught me over the last few weeks.  For starters this class has taught me different techniques for using technology in the classroom.  Technology is such a big part of today’s society and can help add a lot of diversity and creativity to assignments.  When you use technology in the classroom you are a lot more likely to grab the attention of your students and get them interested in the content of what you are teaching.  Also by using technology you can diversify assignments and lessons.  This is extremely important because every student learns differently and with the use of technology and the techniques we have been taught in this class we can accommodate a larger majority of our students. Some of my favorite lessons and tech learnings were on digital citizenship and understanding different teaching styles.  I plan on being a business, marketing, and information technology teacher so digital citizenship is such an important lesson! I will be using a lot of social media sites and different medias so students understanding what is acceptable and what can be damaging to themselves or to someone else is crucial information.  I also really like the lesson about different teaching styles.   This lesson helped develop ideas about how I want to teach and what areas I want to focus on in my future classroom.  Initially one of the biggest challenges for me was the blog.  I have always said I was going to start a blog, but I never knew what to write about.  I never felt comfortable putting my writing out there for other people to read.  Sometimes I would post stuff for a while, but I would always forget or run out of ideas and stop posting.  Now I am more comfortable with my blog posts and I am actually coming up with future lesson plans that include student blogs.  I see a lot of lesson plans or assessment techniques using journals or diaries I think it would be fun to use the same concept except with a blog.  Now I would say my biggest struggle is Twitter. I have never been huge on posting on social media so 20 tweets a week is usually a struggle.  It is getting easier, but usually still takes more time and thought than it should.  I have already seen so much improvement in myself and have learned so many new skills, I look forward to the upcoming lessons!


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