All or Nothing

One belief that I live my life by is to try everything, say anything, and regret nothing.  Whether it is with family, friends, or relationships I believe you should never hold back your feelings.  You should always say what you are thinking, but never intentionally hurt someone.  If you love someone I believe you should tell them, there should be no words left unsaid.  One of my biggest fears is to look back and think I should have told someone I loved them before I lost the chance so I make it a point to always express how I am feeling and it has never lead me astray.  Something I have been told is that I love to much or to hard, but I have never regretted that.  Through failed relationships or fading friendships I have never once regretted giving 200% all the time.

When I have a dream I have the same mentality.  I jump in head first and have faith that it will all work out.  I’ve always loved traveling and learning about new places.  I want to see new things and meet new people.  I recently decided that since my classes are online next semester that I would be spending January-July in Seattle.  It’s one of those go all in things that I do.  I believe that when you have a dream you should do everything in your power to achieve it and that is just what I plan to do, see the world.  I have plenty of other dreams but that is just one example.

The reason I felt like this was an important post for my Independent Learning Project is because I haven’t always been this way.  Different things in my life shaped this belief little by little and now I could not imagine living my life any other way.  The life event that made me want to go all in with every dream was when I was told I had a form of skin cancer.  Now it wasn’t anything to serious, a quick surgery cured me, but it got me thinking.  You never know what could happen to you and I want to experience everything before I can’t anymore.  There have been a few situations that shaped my belief in saying what you feel all the time, but the most recent is when a family member tried committing suicide.  That is where that initial fear of losing the chance to tell someone how you feel came from.  I don’t want to live my life thinking that if I could have said something it could have changed the outcome of the future for myself and others.  My Independent Learning Project is me finding my road to happiness and I really believe this life change has played a huge role in it.





  1. Wow you have gone through so much! I am so glad that you are focusing on your own happiness now. This is a really cool thing to live by though because you don’t want to live with any regrets. Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. This is a very powerful post. Definitely it is crucial to make everyday count and let everyone dear to you that you love them. What is sad is that most of us don’t truly appreciate people until they are gone. Anything can change at an instant and we just need to make the best of everyday. Live life and enjoy the many wonders of life. Great post!


  3. Great post! What’s the point of doing something half heartedly? Why put anything into what you’re going to do, if you’re not going to commit? 200% effort 100% of the time is how everyone should go about what they’re doing. People would have more success and more pride in their work if everyone felt the way you do now. Good for you!


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