Digital Activism

I thought this module on digital activism was really cool and unique.  It shows just how much of an impact the internet can have.  This impact could be positive or negative, but it really is amazing just how big the internet can make an idea, concept, project, fundraiser, or anything.  By sharing something on a social media site someone across the globe can see what you post in a matter of minutes.  Using social media helps spread the word of what you are doing or of your opinion on a subject way faster and to a larger audience than if you used a newspaper or stood on a street corner.


In the New Face of Teen Activism blog a few different bloggers credited their success to the internet. One even said that within minutes her ideas or tweet could reach everyone from the average person just checking their Twitter to a journalist or policymakers.  This is what makes the internet such a crucial part of activism.  It can bring people who care about the same thing together even when they are thousands of miles apart.  This article also pointed out the dangers of using social media.  The benefits of using the internet are also the drawbacks.  Your information is out there for everyone to see.  This means when you are sing social media for activism or just for personal use its important to take precautions and to be careful.


I also really liked reading about the Teen Activism Award nominees.  The one that really stood out to me was It Gets Better.  For those of you who do not know about It Gets Better it is a girl named Eleni who uses a Twitter account to speak out about students with mental illness and bullying.  This really stuck out to me because not only do I know of a handful of people who are suffering from a mental illness like depression, but it is one of the hardest illnesses to characterize in students. Eleni took a social media site that most students use on a daily basis and turned it into a safe haven for individuals who need an extra pick-me-up. It is inspiring to see someone who is only 16 dedicate her time on social media to others.   That is what social activism is all about, seeing your strengths and using them to make the world a better place.

Teen Activism Award Nominees

New Face of Teen Activism



  1. I thought all of the nominees were very interesting! Just like you, I was very intrigued by Eleni’s page and was amazed how such a young girl can make a big difference. I thought it was very interesting how all of the nominees focused on some type of bullying.


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