Technology Consuming Our Lives?

I thought Paul Miller’s video on a year offline is a really cool project.  I wish a lot more people, myself included, could do something similar.  Technology definitely has it ups and downs. When it is used right it can be a great.  You can extend business opportunities, use it for information, look for jobs, communicate with friends and so much more.  It is a huge part of today’s society, but technology also has its downfalls.  So many people have their phones or laptops or other devices and it completely and totally consumes their day. Some people can not even have a normal conversation

I definitely think technology has its place in society.  There are so many scientific experiments that use technology or even just the average person who wants to know some extra information on a topic.  It allows you to reconnect with old friends or for new partnerships with possible colleagues. There is a lot of use for technology in our world, but it has to be used right or it can severely harm society.

This TEDTalk video brought up a lot of great points.  You can hardly go through even a conversation without thinking back to an email or a phone call.  You are constantly distracted.  It is hard to make a genuine human connection when you can not give 100% of your attention to the person you are having a conversation with.  I am completely guilty of this myself and I wish I wasn’t.  I’m not the type of person who if my phone breaks I lose my mind for three or four days, but if I am having a conversation with someone and feel my phone vibrate I am constantly wondering who it is that messaged me or what they had to say.  It takes away from the conversation I am having and I end up not giving the person the full attention they deserve.

Not only can the use of technology take away from connection I am making with the people around me, but it can also hurt my productivity.  I can not even begin to count the times I have sat down to do homework and instead scroll through my Facebook or end up watching a show on Netflix.

In the video Paul Miller also said, “boredom is awesome if you do something good with it.” With the internet it is so hard to learn new things or try a new activity because if you are bored you simply get online.  This video was what really peaked my interest out of this whole module.  What other skills or hobbies would I have if I did not just get on Netflix whenever I was bored? I’m not saying I am going to give up the internet for a year or anything like that, for me it is simply impossible because I have online classes and some parts of my job require me to be online, but I would definitely like to take a step back from using it as much as I do.



  1. I can’t even imagine being completely offline for a whole year! That project requires some serious determination. I do think it is sad that many people cannot have genuine human interactions and conversations because their mind is so wrapped up in technology. I think technology is very important and we should not do away with it, but people need to learn how to set it aside for a while and participate in the real world.


  2. I also really liked the Ted Talk! I would love to totally give up technology for a year but its just not practical for me. Since I live away from home and belong to the softball team it really wouldn’t be possible. I give props to the people who are able to do it though because it takes a lot of self control!


  3. Speaking of holding a conversation. It drives me crazy when I am trying to have a conversation about something and they pull out their phone and start texting. They say they are still listening but I find it pretty rude.


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