Daily Create Oct 31-Nov 13

I decided to Start my Daily Create at the beginning of November, however, I just realized the first week’s post did not save!


Day 1: A close up photo of texture!


Day 2: The Great Outdoors! img_3417

Day 3: An interesting cloth pattern! I chose my favorite blanket!img_4763

Day 4: Pencil on a textured surface! I chose a leaf! img_4764

Day 5: A classic book on your bookshelf! I nixed the actual bookshelf because I haven’t cleaned it off in a while but I love this book!img_4765

Day 6: A photo of a voidimg_4766

Day 7: A drawing of a tornado, I always used to draw these on the corner of my papers!img_4767

Day 8: Create a font and draw your name in it! My mom always used to label my things (totes, backpacks, binders, etc.) this way! It was my favorite! img_4768

Day 9: Draw a shoe using two colors.  I chose my cheetah heels (are we seeing a theme with the cheetah print?) img_4769

Day 10: A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry and explain why it is your favorite! This is a ring from my great grandmother, I got it when she passed away.  I love how uniquely cut and antique everything is! img_4757

Day 11: A picture of a grid patter.  I chose a brick wallimg_4754

Day 12: Something you’ve grown! I decided to post a beginning photo and what it is now! I don’t have what people call a green thumb so this is big for me!

Day 13: A photo of disappointment, I told my dog to get off of the couch and this is the look I got. img_4691

Day 14: A picture of an animal that represents you.  I saw this picture today and thought it was a great metaphor for how my life is going right now…rough.  A panda fell and got stuck in the tree!




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