I looked into the Piktograph tool for this week’s tech learning and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! It was so easy to use and they had so many different templates and uses! You could make a poster, banner, fact sheet, reports and anything in between! I chose to make a classroom poster for my piktograph.  Mine was rather simple, but you could definitely make them more in depth or complex if you had more information that you wanted to get across to your students.

My favorite thing about piktograph was that it was free and easy! That can definitely be hard to find with tools like this! Usually if it is free it is complicated or you have limited options to what templates you could use without “upgrading.” They did have the option to pay and add more, but I did not feel that my options were limited with the free version at all.  It was also so easy! They had a guide that helped as you went along, but the tools were simple and easily recognizable. I had no trouble making mine at all!

I think this is an awesome tool for the classroom! You can use it to make posters for your classroom that spice up your plain cinderblock walls or use it to share information with students! The fun background helps grab the attention of the students and its more interesting than just putting some information in a PowerPoint.  You can also have your students make posters or reports with this tool for a more fun option in an assignment!

I will definitely be using this when I get into my own classroom.  I love that the tool is so easy and free and is something I can see students being interested in!



  1. I think these tools are so cool for using in the classroom. Like you said it is so much better than the plain boring walls to have fun posters that are free and easy to make. I think it would also be fun for students to use this to create projects that are different than just writing a report.


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