Innovative Learner

We need to unlearn the idea that we can teach our students to be literate in this world by continually blocking and filtering access to the sites and experiences they need our help to navigate. -Unlearning Curve

I believe that my abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed, leading to the creation of new and better ideas. – Mindset of an Innovator


The biggest attribute to my learning style is the willingness to learn.  I think that plays a key role in being innovative.  If you are constantly stuck in your ways you will never grow or encourage others to seek creative or alternative means.  I can not take credit for a lot of that myself though.  This class has been a huge help in showing me new medias and websites to use in this class, my other classes, and in my future career.  Even simply getting comfortable with writing in the blog has opened up a world of opportunity.  When reading the Unlearning Curve article I was really struck by the example I quoted above.  Looking back through my education experience I wouldn’t say that it was frowned upon to look to other sites for experience, but it was never taught.  Nobody every used everyday technology in classroom assignments. I think it is extremely important to familiarize students with the technology they will be using in everyday life.  It is definitely something I want to take into my career. I think the most simplified definition of unlearning that comes to mind is knowing that things are constantly changing.  You can always learn something new so getting stuck in your ways is one of the most destructive things you can do to the learning process of your students and yourself.  This goes hand in hand with being innovative.  Constantly be challenging yourself to find the new and best way.  You can not be a great educator without being Innovative

Mindset of an Innovator

The Steep “Unlearning Curve”



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