Passion in Education

As a future educator one of my main goals has always been to inspire my students.  I have sat through many classes where I did not connect with the teacher or you could tell that the teacher had no interest or desire to be there.  They would simply lecture and go on with their day not bothering to get to know the students or make learning fun.  I am guilty myself for thinking negatively about school based on relationships with a few teachers.

Helping our students get excited about education is one of our main responsibilities.  I am a firm believer that you cannot make someone learn, however I think we can help get students excited about learning and passion based learning is a great tool to use.  Not only is passion learning good for getting the students excited about coming to school, but it also shows the teacher has a genuine interest in getting to know the students and their interests.

In the article My Journey Through Passion Based Learning I really liked how the author pointed out the difference in classes. While most classes were entering “holiday mode” and losing motivation and a shorter attention span her passion based learning classes were getting more excited and focused.  Not only were they becoming more invested in their learning they were getting excited to show the teacher and other members of the class their knowledge on the subject or project they had picked.

It is really great to see students get so excited about their own learning.  I think passion based learning is a project I would love to try in my own classroom.  This class has already provided me with a lo of tools to do so.  I would also like to incorporate TedTalks and other technology to keep the students interested and constantly learning.  By incorporating all the different means of media I think it will add even more excitement to the classroom.

My Journey Teaching Through Passion-Based Learning

25 ways to Institute Passion-Based Learning in the Classroom


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  1. I too am guilty of basing my thoughts about school on teachers, most of them negative thoughts but a few good ones. Hopefully we all become teachers who are the ones that make school exciting for kids making them want to come back. Great post!


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